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Lake View 2.

Lake View.

*photo credits Alex White Mazzarella and Namrata Mehta

Prospect Without Limit

The Coming of Money & Real Estate

Slow Down or Turn Around

A village road has rapidly transformed into a national road yet crosswalks, street lights and safety precautions have not been provided. For two years locals have been requesting action with no response. Residents organize to take matters into their own hands after a child was hit and killed.

Conversation Starters.

On the 11th of April, we hosted dinner to mark Alex’s arrival and the beginning of our collaboration. We brought together a group of residents from Gurgaon over a meal inspired by the stories of agriculture in Gurgaon we have been collecting over the last few weeks. Some images and our exciting menu from the […]

Searching for Ber in the Hot Sun.

Ravi’s grandfather is a pioneer of some sorts. Several years ago, a muslim farmer he knew in Delhi encouraged him to start a Ber orchard in Kankrola, a village on the outskirts of Gurgaon, now rapidly being approached by industrialisation. Today the farm stands on 12 acres of land on which grows several varieties of […]