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Alex White Mazzarella in a podcast interview with AIzilwane on the initiaitve

Money or Water

          A project presentation and audience participatory event in Brooklyn New York USA

Lake: Ownership to Responsibility – May 5th program

Lake: Ownership to Responsibility? – land art by Alex White Mazzarella – photos by Alex & Namrata Mehta The program started at 8.30 am in the under-construction community center; a space itself contentious for having been developed through the encroachment and infill of a portion of the lake. Alex escorted groups of locals from the village […]

“From Ownership to Responsibility” – Tigra Village program, May 5th

“From Ownership to Responsibility”: Evaluating the lake and envisioning the protective wall A land art installation is being designed to urge the grasping of an opportunity on hand to set precedence in Gurgaon and restore a lake body.  A plan is in place to deliver a wall to prevent encroachment should Tigra Village allow it. […]

Prospect Without Limit

The Coming of Money & Real Estate

Slow Down or Turn Around

A village road has rapidly transformed into a national road yet crosswalks, street lights and safety precautions have not been provided. For two years locals have been requesting action with no response. Residents organize to take matters into their own hands after a child was hit and killed.