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Alex White Mazzarella in a podcast interview with AIzilwane on the initiaitve

The New Akhada

On the day of our envisioning and harvesting event we met quite a few people that we hadn’t interacted with before in Tigra. Events like this are a great way of starting debate and getting like minded people together. During the course of the day  we interacted with Deepak Tanwar a local resident and amateur […]


Uday serves as the Chaukidar (guard) of Tigra village, a role his uncle used to serve before him. On days when Panchayat meetings are called, he goes door to door inviting everyone. Sometimes he does this twice a day. Being of a lower caste, Uday isn’t partisan to either of the two prominent communities in […]

Money or Water

          A project presentation and audience participatory event in Brooklyn New York USA

Lake: Ownership to Responsibility – May 5th program

Lake: Ownership to Responsibility? – land art by Alex White Mazzarella – photos by Alex & Namrata Mehta The program started at 8.30 am in the under-construction community center; a space itself contentious for having been developed through the encroachment and infill of a portion of the lake. Alex escorted groups of locals from the village […]

The Story of the Lake

Baba Ram Mohan Johar ki Kahani from namrata mehta on Vimeo.

“From Ownership to Responsibility” – Tigra Village program, May 5th

“From Ownership to Responsibility”: Evaluating the lake and envisioning the protective wall A land art installation is being designed to urge the grasping of an opportunity on hand to set precedence in Gurgaon and restore a lake body.  A plan is in place to deliver a wall to prevent encroachment should Tigra Village allow it. […]