Opening the Gates, Sarah Goodyear, Next City

Making the Case for Urban Agriculture, Ben Schulman


Haryana State Agricultural Policy Draft

Creating Gurgaon’s Soul, Urban Habitat Forum

Water Waste Portrati of Gurgaon, Center for Science and Environment

Peri-urban Agriculture in Delhi, India, D. Te Lintelo, F. Marshall and D.S. Bhupal

Urban Agriculture – Justification and Planning Guidelines, Urban Vegetable Promotion Project, Petra Jacobi, Axel W. Drescher and Jörg Amend

Lakes of Mahadevpura Constituency, Bengaluru, Atree


Has Urbanisation Caused a Loss of Agricultural Land, Moya K. Mason


Agropolis, The Social, Political and Environmental Dimensions of Urban Agriculture, Edited by Luc J. A. Mougeot


City Farmer News, India

Urban Farming in Mumbai

Open Source Farming


Rooftop Gardening, NYC

101 East – Tale of Modern City, Al Jazeera

I am Gurgaon, the New Urban India, VPRO

Urban Farming, Roman Gaus

Tea Time, Norway

Five Ted Talks on Growing your own Food


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